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You can start an ABAP program in an R/3 System or a C program on a UNIX computer from an R/2 System on the BS2000 host. This is made possible by the SAP communication program gwhost.


The configuration requirements for this constellation are:

For more details, refer to the section SAP Gateway under OS/2, UNIX and WindowsNT.

For more details, refer to the following topics:

For more details, refer to the following section Configuration for a TCP/IP Connection (section "BS2000 Host Systems").

Process flow

The process is as follows:

  1. The R/2 ABAP program starts the job SAPGWHO (communication program gwhost). The job SAPGWHO identifies the appropriate entry in the side info file SAPGW.DATA.SIDEINFO via the R/2 table XCOM.
  2. The job SAPGWHO sets up the connection to an SAP Gateway on a UNIX computer (not under BS2000). In the course of this, the SAP Gateway is identified via the side info file.
  3. The SAP Gateway starts the actual target program.