Authorizations for Starting External Programs

Maintain the secinfo file in the data directory of the gateway instance. The syntax of the entries is as follows:

USER=<user>, [PWD=<pwd>,] [USER-HOST=<user_host>,] HOST=<host>,TP=<tp>;

Use a line of this format to allow the user <user> to start the <tp> program on the host <host> .

The level of authorization checking performed can be increased by specifying PWD and/or USER-HOST .

USER=mueller, HOST=hw1414, TP=test;

The user mueller can execute the test program on the host hw1414 .

USER=hugo, PWD=pass, USER-HOST=hw1234, HOST=hw1414, TP=prog;

The user hugo can execute the prog program on the host hw1414 , as long as he has logged on to the Gateway from host hw1234 and has used the CPI-C call CMSCSP to set the security password to pass.

If the user has used the CMSCSU call to set the security user, then this is also used for checking.

The '*' character can be used as a generic specification for any of the parameters.

If either of PWD or USER-HOST are not specified, the value '*' is assumed.

Example: All users should be allowed to execute the test program on the host hw1414 :

You can display the current list of security entries using the SAP Gateway Monitor and you can update this display at any time.