Authorizations for Registering External Programs with the SAP-Gateway

You can prevent external programs from being illegally registered with the SAP Gateway.

To do so, you must maintain the secinfo file in the DATA directory of the gateway instance.

The syntax of the entries is as follows:

USER=*, HOST=<host>,TP=<tp>;

Transaction program <tp> is allowed to register from <host> . Although the user entry is not used, you must specify it.

USER=*, HOST=*, TP=Hugo

USER=*, HOST=hw1414, TP=Hugo2

Program Hugo is allowed to register from any host.
Program Hugo2 is only allowed to register from host hw1414.
HOST specifies from which host the program is allowed to register.
If you specify
HOST=* , the program may connect from any host.

If the external program is to allowed to register from a number of hosts, you must create an entry for each host in the secinfo file.

You can view the current list of security entries using the gateway monitor.