Communication in an IBM Host Environment (SNA)


A logical connection ( Session) between two LUs ( Logical Unit) is necessary for communication in a homogeneous SNA network. The SNA protocol LU6.2 is used when two application programs are to communicate via a session of this type. Active communication is known as a conversation.

A conversation between programs, which use different interfaces for the LU6.2 function calls, is possible.

Examples of such interfaces are:

One of the most important characteristics of the LU6.2 protocol is that a transaction program can call up a partner program on another system (Attach function). This allows connections to be set up dynamically and event-orientated data exchange between the two partners.


SAP offers a platform-specific development library for workstations which communicate with an R/2 SNA system.

A platform-specific SNA communications subsystem must be installed and properly configured on the workstation:

Communication generally takes place via the SAP Gateway.

For information on hardware and software supported, refer to the following brochure: SAP-Supported Network Products