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An ABAP program of an R/2 System under MVS or VSE can start the following target programs via a communication program:


Depending on the DC System that you are using on the R/2 host, one of the two R/2 communication programs provided by SAP is required on the gateway computer with the SNA subystem:

The configuration requirements for this constellation are:

For more details, refer to the following section SAP Gateway.

For more details, refer to the following section Communications Subsystems for SNA.

The TP name of table XCOM must correspond to the name of the communication program on the SNA gateway platform.

For more details, refer to the topic Side Information in R/2 on MVS/VSE Host: XCOM (section "Side Info Tables")

Process flow

  1. The R/2 ABAP program starts the communications program on the SNA Gateway platform. The communications program is identified via the R/2 table XCOM.
  2. The communication program sets up a Conversation with the SAP Gateway. In the course of this, the SAP Gateway is identified via a side info file. The computer on which it is located does not have to be known in the SNA network.
  3. The SAP Gateway starts the actual target program.

The communications program merely passes on the data during the CPI-C dialog.

The communication program reads the parameters necessary for setting up the connection with the SAP Gateway and for starting the actual target program from the side info file. The communication program must be known to the respective SNA subsystem.

For more details, refer to the section "Side InfoTables" in the topic Parameters on SNA Subsystem Platforms in R/2.