Gateway Processes

The SAP Gateway is made up of various processes:

These processes are described in the following topics.

Gateway Read Process

Gateway read (gwrd, gwrd.exe) is the main process in the gateway system.

It is started by the application server and checked by it periodically.

It starts the work processes, and checks them periodically. The gateway reader receives all CPI-C requests. When connections are made via LU6.2, the CPI-C requests are passed on to the corresponding work processes. For connections via TCP/IP , the gateway reader deals directly with the request.

Gateway work process

The gateway work process (gwwp, gwwp.exe) is needed to set up a connection via LU6.2 or DCAM.

In this case the process is either started dynamically by the gateway reader, or the request is passed to an active gateway work process. A gateway work process can serve many connections.

Gateway Monitor

The gateway monitor (gwmon, gwmon.exe) is used to analyze and administer the SAP Gateway.

You can start the monitor as required. When you start it, you initially get a list of active CPI-C connections. You can call up all the other monitor functions via a menu.

For details of the gateway monitor, refer to Using the SAP Gateway Monitor in R/3 and Using the SAP Gateway Monitor Outside the R/3 System.