Gateway Processes Under BS2000


In the following topic, the term Process is used as a synonym for BS2000 Task.

The Gateway consists of four different processes:

The Gateway processes in BS2000 are used exclusively for switching connections to R/2 Systems.

You cannot, for example, start programs outside the R/2 System in the BS2000 host via the SAP Gateway.


Each process is described below:

Gateway Log Writer

The gateway log writer writes system log and error messages to the file SAPGW.SYSLOG. It starts and stops the gateway read process.

Gateway Read Process

Gateway read is the main process in the gateway system (Job SAPGWRD ).

It starts the gateway writer and work process, and checks them periodically. The gateway reader receives all CPI-C requests. For connections to BS2000-UTM or DCAM applications, the CPI-C requests are passed on to the gateway work process. For connections via TCP/IP , the gateway reader deals directly with the request.

The gateway read process sends the results of the CPI-C requests back to the request initiator (return codes and possibly data).

Gateway work process

The gateway work process (job SAPGWWP ) is needed if you want to set up a connection via DCAM .

The gateway work process is started by the gateway reader when the Gateway is started, and is closed when the Gateway is stopped.

Gateway Monitor

The gateway monitor ( P.GWMON procedure in SAPGW.LIB ) is used to analyze and administer the SAP Gateway.

It can be started online when needed. When the gateway monitor is started, you initially get a list of active CPI-C connections. You can call up all the other monitor functions via a menu.

You can delete connections, monitor the work process or display attributes.

The following attributes can be displayed:

Number, client host, client service, user, status, symbolic destination, conversation ID, protocol, work process assigned, time of the last action, etc.

Number, number of CPI-C connections assigned, status, process ID (PID), Protocol type (C, I or E), etc.

For more details, refer to the section Using the SAP Gateway Monitor Outside the R/3 System.