Error Analysis

You can use the following utilities for error analysis:

In accordance with the dialog system, the SAP Gateway records system logs for all error situations. You can evaluate the system logs with the usual tools.

In addition you can record detailed traces. To do this you have to set a trace level in the parameter rdisp/TRACE :

rdisp/TRACE = 0No tracerdisp/TRACE = 1Error tracerdisp/TRACE = 2Complete process, short data tracerdisp/TRACE = 3Complete process, complete data trace

The traces are to be found in the following files:


Trace file

Gateway read process:


Gateway work process:

dev_wp<Nr> (for SNA/DCAM only)

Gateway monitor:



All trace lines describing an error begin with ***. All trace lines corresponding to a system log begin with ***LOG, followed by the system log number and the version of the variable parts of the system log.

In BS2000 the traces are written to SYSOUT, providing you have the following parameter setting: bs2/trace to stderr = 1