Using the SAP Gateway Monitor Outside the R/3 System


The gateway monitor is used to analyze and administer the SAP Gateway.

The profile you assign to it must be the same as for the Gateway.

This process has different names:

UNIX: gwmon

WindowsNT: gwmon.exe


The trace file of the gateway monitor is called: dev_gwmon


You can perform the following functions in the SAP Gateway Monitor:

Display List of Active CPI-C Connections (Menu Option c)

Display List of Gateway Work Processes (Menu Option p)

Display Parameters of a CPI-C Connection (Menu Option i)

Delete CPI-C Connection (Menu Options d and f)

Display Memory Occupancy (Menu Option m)

Display Memory Contents (Menu Option n)

Gateway Statistics (Menu Options a, s, r)

Reset the Error Counter (Only for IBM Hosts, Menu Option e)

Display Gateway Parameters and Attributes (Menu Option g)

Gateway Trace (Menu Option t)

Display and Refresh Security Information (Menu Option h, j)

Display Logged on Systems (Menu Option y)

It takes 5 seconds for all lists to be updated, less if you press the enter key.

It is standard to use 50 lines per screen. The number of lines can be changed (for example, under UNIX you can set the shell variable LINES).


First find out on which host your SAP Gateway Monitor is installed:

msclients name=<SAP-System>

To start the gateway monitor, call the corresponding executable file, specifying a profile file:

Under UNIX: gwmon pf=<profile>
Under WindowsNT: gwmon.exe pf=<profile>