Side Information on OS/2, WindowsNT, UNIX and AS/400 Platforms: sideinfo


On an OS/2, UNIX or WindowsNT platform, the connection parameters are placed in the sideinfo side information file.

The file sideinfo serves as a model for your own definitions. Adapt this file to meet your own requirements.

For an R/3 platform, the TXCOM side info table is also available in the database. For an SNA connection the parameters LU and TP in TXCOM are ignored.

The directory which holds the sideinfo file is determined as follows:

The environment variable SIDE_INFO is defined for the path of the side info table.

Under UNIX, this environment variable is assigned the value of the gw/side_info profile parameter when the SAP Gateway is started. For further details on profile parameters, refer to Defining the SAP Gateway.

gw/side_info default value: /usr/sap/<SAP System>/<instance>/data/sideinfo

The SIDE_INFO environment variable is not defined.
The sideinfo file must be located in the current working directory of the calling program.


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