Maintaining MVS/VSE Host Systems


To integrate a workstation in a host SNA network, in which CICS or IMS is running under MVS and VTAM, you have to define a series of parameters on the host.

For more detailed information on configuration, refer to the original documentation on the communications subsystem you are using.

Prior knowledge of defining the resources in VTAM and defining applications in CICS or IMS are assumed. You should also be familiar with R/2 System administration.

Software Requirements

Before installing the R/2 workstation software, check that your system constellation meets the requirements detailed below.

The software requirements given are minimum specifications. SAP gives no guarantee regarding software from other manufacturers.

The hardware requirements for the R/2 System are not described here. These are described in the system documentation for the R/2 System.

The specifications are for the current price list components. When this documentation was released, the following specifications were valid:

Software requirements for the IBM host:

Software component


Operating systems

MVS SP (limited),
VSE (limited)

Data communications systems

CICS 1.7 or
IMS 1.3 + LU 6.1 + Adapter

Network operating system

ACF/VTAM Version 3.1


Release 4.3H, 4.4, 5.0


VTAM Definitions

This topic shows the parameter values for various VTAM instructions and macros, which you have to adapt for communication via LU 6.2.

The statements in angle brackets (<LU62SAP1>) are SAP example values. You must adapt these values to your system constellation.


Defining a CICS Application

Defining an IMS Application

Defining Logon Mode Table Entries

Defining a Communications Line

Defining Resources for the Workstation

Using CICS Definitions

Using IMS Definitions

Enhancements to the CUA Interface