Using CICS Definitions

This topic tells you which CICS parameters you have to define to make workstation-host communication via LU6.2 possible..

When using external security systems (RACF, ACF2) you can change the parameters Terminal and Connection (see ATtachsec=Verify).

When setting up a connection (ATTACH), the partner system must send a valid combination of user name and password. This is not supported by every SNA LU6.2 subsystem.

A CICS system needs special RDO definitions for connection setup.

You can choose between the following alternatives:


(Parameters TERMINAL and TYPETERM, only SINGLE Session)

You must also make the following definitions:

You can define the resources in the CSD file via RDO (Resource Definition Online), or in the corresponding tables with the help of macros. Definition via RDO is shown in the following examples.

The statements in angle brackets (<LU62SAP1>) are SAP example values. You must adapt these values to your system constellation.