Enhancements to the CUA Interface

The following enhancements have been made to the CUA Interface.

More CUA Interfaces on CICS

The maximum number of CUA Interfaces in a CICS is no longer limited by the maximum number of 999 CICS tasks.

From R/2 Release 5.0 D (or 5.0C with 5.0C maintenance level), the connection to the terminals can be operated as for "dumb" terminals "non conversational". This means that throughout short-running transactions, CICS resources are only in use for a short period and are then released. This makes it possible to increase the maximum number of CUA Interfaces running parallel on a CICS.

Reduced Message Length in IMS

From Version 1.6 of the CUA interface under UNIX and Version 1.031 under OS/2:The CUA server can also operate connections to IMS systems, where the IMS Long Message is set to a value smaller than 16MB. For this purpose, the SEGSIZE parameter must however be set to 00000 (no limit).