Errors in UTM-D

As soon as two UTM applications are active, UTM tries to set up all the UTM-D sessions generated, provided that CONNECT=Y was specified in the SESCHA statement.

UTM records error messages on session setup in the SYSLOG file.

You can evaluate the SYSLOG file in the current application. First write the current SYSLOG buffer in the file via the UTM administration interface with the command KDCDIAG SYSLOG=WRITE.

With the UTM.PROC(SYSLOG) procedure, which SNI supplies, you can evaluate the SYSLOG file with the following UTM service programs:

You can look up the meaning of the K messages in the SYSLOG file in the UTM document "Generating and Administering Applications".

If no sessions were set up, the following message appears online when initiating communication from the SAP system:
781 Error 40Z Makro KD10 / APRO

Error message explanation:
KCRCCC = 40Z / KCRCDC = KD10 for APRO call (Message in SAP system log): No connection (session) to partner application

Installation notes:

Up-to-date notes on installation can be found in the introduction to installation issued for each SAP Release.