Connection Setup to the R/2 System

If a communication link is to be set up to R/2, you can optionally use the side info file. However, you are not required to use it. In the parameter file SAPGW.RSPARAM, you can specify whether you want to use it or not (with the parameter bs2/use_sideinfo).

If you do not use a side info file, then the SAP Gateway uses the incoming destination specification as the name of the application to which the connection is to be set up. The destination name is specified in the non-SAP or R/3 ABAP/4 program in the initialization call. If you are working with the CUA Interface, then you can specify the destination name on the logon screen.

If you use the side info file, then you must specify an entry as in the following example:

DEST= Incoming destination name
LU= Application name of the target SAP System
TP=X1SA always "X1SA"
PROTOCOL=C always "C"

You wish to address the R/2 application S50 under the name BS2S50.


If a side info file is used, an application is only reachable if the side info file contains a corresponding entry.