Available SAP Test Programs

The test programs undertake CPI-C communication. The following test programs are available:

Test programs


Programs Written in C

ABAP Programs








Each calling program (C or ABAP) can call one of the callable programs (C or ABAP).

These test programs therefore let you check program-to-program communication for all constellations.

ABAP test programs in R/2:
The SAP test programs are delivered with the CPI-C development libraries. The ABAP programs are directly available in new Releases of R/2 Systems. Otherwise you must upload these programs in your R/2 System.

Special Features

There are some special features for ABAP programs and programs written in C.

Programs Written in C

The names of the programs written in C end in t or s. These letters indicate the protocol on which communication is based:

ccpict1s SNA is the protocol

ccpict1t TCP/IP is the protocol

You must create a side info file in your work directory before starting the calling C program (see section "Side Info Tables", Side Information on OS/2, WindowsNT, UNIX and AS/400 Platforms: Sideinfo

The calling C program records the program activities on the screen (stdout). The C program called creates the trace file cpict2t.trc .

You can activate the CPI-C trace function before the start of the calling C program as follows:

Program-to-program communication normally takes place via the SAP gateway. You do not need the SAP gateway if the platform of each partner program supports the SNA protocol LU6.2. This is possible with the following constellations:

Here, use the SNA-specific C programs.

ABAP Programs

Both the calling and callable ABAP programs can be found in an R/2 or R/3 System.

The calling ABAP program records the program activities on the screen.