Requirements for Starting an External Partner Program

There may be several reasons why a called CPI-C program cannot be started.

First decide what type of program it is:

Starting a Local Target Program

The SAP Gateway starts a local CPI-C program via fork/exec.

To avoid errors, ensure the following two conditions are met:

Log on with the Gateway ID and check whether the program to be started is in the search path of the Gateway ID:
UNIX: which <program>

Starting the Target Program via Remote Shell

A program is started on a remote computer via Remote Shell. For this, the following requirements must be met on the remote computer.

Log on with the Gateway ID and check, using Remote Shell, whether the authorizations necessary for calling a remote program exist, and that this is in the search path of the Gateway ID:
UNIX: remsh <computer> date
which <program>

The Gateway processes in BS2000 are used exclusively for switching connections to R/2 Systems.

You cannot, for example, start programs outside the R/2 System in the BS2000 host via the SAP Gateway.

AS/400 only: AS/400 does not have a Remote Shell. Partner programs can, therefore, only be started locally.