Settlement Senders and Receivers

The settlement senders are:

These sender objects can be settled to the following receivers:

Only the settlement senders CO production order, production order and order item can be settled to materials.

The rules for settlement to materials and for settlement from network headers to sales orders are always generated automatically. You cannot enter them manually.

Revenues can only be settled to revenue-carrying senders (sales documents), billing elements, internal orders with revenues, profitability segments) or to G/L accounts.

In cases where no revenue has been posted to a revenue-carrying sender (sales order, billing element, or order with revenues) the sender can also be settled to a cost center, business process or asset. To be able to settle costs and revenues, you may need to create separate source structures for costs and orders.

Multi-level settlement is not possible in such cases, because the information that revenue has been posted is not passed on.