Settlement Methods

For almost all sender objects there is an individual and a collective settlement.

You use individual settlement when you want to analyze the settlement results in greater detail.

You use collective settlement to process a large number of sender objects. This is generally used during period-end closing to start the settlement in the background.

You can choose to simulate settlement (test run) or start it as an update run. For given objects, you can run the settlement in the background or get the system to display the settlement results in a detailed list.

Repeating Settlements Within a Period

You can repeat settlement for a given period at any time. For example, because postings were made in that period after settlement had taken place.

Note the following:

· If you have already settled for subsequent periods, you must first reverse the settlements for those periods.

· You can only repeat settlements in a period if the settlement documents have not yet been archived. See ( Settlement History ).

· When you repeat settlement in a period, the system considers only those postings that you have made since the last settlement. This is also the case when you post this type of settlement in a later period.

Settlement in Later Posting Periods

You can also carry out settlement in a later posting period instead of within the settlement period. However, you must have performed the settlement within the current fiscal year.

Reversing Settlements

Settlements can be reversed both for individual settlement and collective settlement. However, you can only reverse the last settlement you performed for a sender. If you have settled a sender more than once within a period, you must also reverse the settlements one by one. First, you reverse the last settlement for the period, then the second-to- last, and so on.

If, within a given period, you want to reverse a settlement from a previous period, you must first reverse the subsequent settlements.

For example, you are in period 6 and you want to reverse the settlement for period 4. You first have to reverse any settlements for periods 6 and 5.