Settlement History

Each settlement must be uniquely identified in the system. To ensure this, the system creates a settlement document each time a sender object is settled. This document is stored in the system under a unique number.

The settlement document is required for the following business transactions:

· Reversing settlements

· Repeating period-end closing.

You define number ranges for the settlement documents in the configuration menu of the sender object.

Define separate controlling areas and separate number range intervals for the settlement documents. If you want to perform settlement in different controlling areas at the same time (for example, on the same day), system performance is improved if you define separate number ranges for each controlling areas.

The settlement documents use up additional storage space. Therefore, you should archive the settlement documents once a posting period has been locked against posting, both in Controlling (CO) and in Financial Accounting (FI). When you specify the residence time in the settlement profile, you should always keep to a security deadline.

In addition to the settlement document, the system also creates an accounting document for the financial accounting part of the settlement and a Controlling document for the cost accounting part.