Define billing plan types

In this step, you define billing plan types which contain the basic control data for the billing plan.

In order processing, the billing plan type uses specific rules for date determination, for example, to propose the period of a billing plan from which the dates of the billing plan can be determined.

In the standard SAP R/3 System, billing plan types are set up for milestone billing and for periodic billing. The difference between these two kinds of billing plans is the fact that the total value to be billed is either distributed between the individual dates of the billing plan, or is billed periodically as a total value for each date until a predefined end date is reached.

The billing plan type is determined from the document item category and the relevancy for billing. You make the corresponding allocation in a separate step.

The billing plan type is displayed in the billing plan, but you cannot change it there.

The billing plan type includes the following control data:

The horizon specifies the last date for periodic billing, up to which dates should be set. It is always determined from a rule which can be entered in the billing plan type as a default value. The current date (=CPU date) serves as baseline date for this rule. As a result, when date determination is carried out again, the horizon is constantly extended into the future, and the billing dates are also dynamically shifted into the future.
For each billing plan type, you can store the number of a billing plan as a reference. When this billing plan type is used for order processing, the dates are copied according to this reference, redetermined on the basis of the current rules, and placed in the billing plan.
This field controls whether the billing dates are automatically determined and copied into the billing plan or whether they must be entered manually.
Here you control, whether billing should be performed in arrears or in advance, for example, whether rent which is billed on the 15th of every month is billed in arrears.


You must define the rules for date determination.

Standard settings

The standard SAP R/3 System contains a billing plan type for milestone billing (01) and for periodic billing (02). Different overview screens exist for both billing plan types (see the field 'FCODE OvervScrn').


1. To create a billing plan type you must enter an alphanumeric key with a maximum of 2 digits and a textual description.
2. Maintain the detail screen for the billing plan type by entering the relevant control data.