Define and assign date categories

In this step, you can assign one or more date categories to each billing plan type or create new date categories.

The date category controls at billing date level,

The date category also specifies the description for the billing date.

Since you can have several date categories for a billing plan type, you must specify, in a further step, a default date category for each billing plan type.


The date category 'final settlement' is not proposed in the SAP standard delivery and must be entered manually in order processing.

As of Release 3.0C, you can, in working with milestone billing, assign milestones to dates in the billing plan if no network is opened.

It is necessary, however, that you assign milestones manually when maintaining the billing plan. In order to assign milestones, you must specify a value in the fixed date indicator different from the initial value. If the additional fixed value (as of Release 3.0C) for fixed

date is empty (''), this assignment is no longer possible.


The billing blocks, billing types and date descriptions must be maintained when you enter the corresponding control data.

Standard settings

The standard SAP System contains date categories for periodic billing and milestone billing.


1. To create new date categories, enter an alphanumeric key with a maximum of 2 characters together with a textual description.
2. Assign the date category to the billing plan types which should be able to use the date category.
3. Specify which date category is to be defaulted for which billing plan type.