Define number range for billing documents

In this menu option you define the number intervals of the number ranges for billing documents and groups of billing documents.

When creating a billing document or a group of billing documents, a unique number is assigned which identifies the billing document or the group. The number is derived from the number range which is provided for the document type or the group.

Number assignment for billing documents can only be carried out internally, that is, the SAP System automatically assigns a consecutive number from the defined number range.


You transport number range objects as follows:

In the initial screen, choose "Interval - Transport".

Note that all intervals for the selected number range object are deleted in the target system first. After the import, only the intervals you export are present. The number statuses are imported with their values at the time of export.

Dependent tables are not transported or converted.


1. To define a number range, you have to create a new number interval:
2. Specify the key of the number range for the billing types.