Define blocking reason for billiing

In this menu option you define the possible blocking reasons for billing documents.

Define the possible block indicators in this menu option and allocate them to the billing types concerned.

The following blocks are possible:

If a customer is to be blocked for billing, enter the block indicator in the block data of the customer master record. The specification in the customer master record and therefore also the block for billing documents applies either to all or only to individual sales areas.
The SAP System copies the specification from the customer master record into the sales document. For the customer in the sales area in question, you cannot create billing documents if the block applies to this customer's billing type.
Sales documents can also be blocked automatically for billing by the SAP System. In the standard SAP R/3 System credit memo request and debit memo request, for example, are automatically provided with a billing block. To set a billing block automatically when creating certain sales documents, you have to define a billing block for the sales document type. To do this, you specify the billing block for this sales document type (see section "Define sales document types").
You will find the indicator for the billing block in the general business data in the order header. If a sales document is blocked for billing, you cannot create a billing document if the block applies to the billing type of this document. You can only create the billing documents, if you have removed the block indicator manually.
The items can also be blocked automatically for billing by the SAP System. For this to occur, you have to define a billing block for the corresponding item category which is then set automatically when the sales document is created. To do this, specify the billing block for an item category (see section "Define item categories for sales documents" ).
The indicator only applies to the item and is not copied into the header of the sales document. You will find it in the general business data of an item. You have to delete the block manually to release the item for billing.


1. Check why a customer, a sales document or an item have to be blocked for billing.
2. Define the billing types to which a block should apply.
3. Agree on the group of persons that sets the billing block and when this is done, if this block is not set automatically by the SAP System.
4. Specify an alphanumeric key for blocking reasons in billing, that can have up to 2 characters, and a description.
5. Allocate the billing types concerned to the blocks.