Rebate processing

This chapter describes how to make settings for rebate processing.

A rebate is a price reduction which is granted to a customer in the form of a credit memo depending on the sales of a period. The basis for a rebate can be defined in various ways (for example, customer, customer/material pricing group). You can define a rebate on the basis of an agreement, the so-called rebate agreement, with your customer. Rebate processing in the R/3 System can currently meet the following requirements:

1. Creating rebate agreements
2. Creating accruals in the billing document
3. Settling rebate agreements
4. Deleting accruals

The settings for rebate processing also require corresponding adjustments in Customizing for account determination.


If you do not want to carry out rebate processing in a certain sales organization, you should switch it off for performance reasons. You can do this when configuring the sales organizations for rebate processing, following the description in the Control of Rebate Processing section.

Bear in mind the following points regarding rebate processing in Customizing:

1. Requirements in the condition technique
2. General requirements for rebate processing
3. Extension of the account keys
4. Table maintenance
5. Billing index with subsequent installation

If you want to set up rebate processing in a certain client, you must transport the following objects:

Processingstatus: not yet maintained