Intercompany billing

During a business transaction in which the organization belongs to another company code than the delivering plant, an intercompany sale from stock is carried out. In this case, intercompany billing is carried out between both company codes with the help of an intercompany billing document. Intercompany sales and distribution processing allows a company to sell goods from a plant which is allocated to another company code.

The system checks the company codes of the sales organization and of the delivering plant and automatically carries out intercompany billing processing for different outcomes. Two billing documents are created in this case:

The difference between the customer billing document and the intercompany billing document remains in the selling company as a contribution margin.

To be able to use intercompany billing for the intercompany sale from stock, you must set the configurations to the following points:

Default Settings

For controlling intercompany sales from stock, the following configurations have been set in Customizing:

1. Billing type
For the definition of the billing document, the billing type II (intercompany billing) was included.
2. Condition type
Condition types PI02 for condition rates to be determined in percent and PI01 for condition rates with fixed amounts have been included for calculating intercompany billing prices.
3. Access sequences
For carrying out intercompany billing, access sequences PI01 and PI02 have been set up.
4. Table maintenance
The system checks the allowed combinations of sales organization, distribution channel and plant by means of the table TVKWZ.