Define matchcodes for billing documents

In this step, you edit the existing matchcodes for customer master records, or define new ones.

Before editing matchcodes, read the following sections for further information.

This section describes how matchcodes are set up in the SAP system.
This section describes the procedure for creating mathcodes in the
ABAP4 Dictionary.
This section describes how to use the matchcode utilities. You use the matchcode utility to create matchcodes which are physically stored.


Matchcode maintenance requires technical knowledge of the ABAP4 Dictionary. Leave matchcode maintenance to your system administrator.

Note that a large number of matchcodes can negatively affect system performance. Select matchcodes which you will use in your work area and deactivate all others.

Matchcodes are not client-specific.

Default settings

Matchcodes have been predefined in the standard system. You can, for example, find groups of deliveries according to their description (matchcode ID A).


1. Check whether the matchcodes in the standard system meet your requirements.
2. Create new matchcodes if necessary or add to existing ones.