Activate rebate processing

In this menu option, you activate rebate processing for sales organizations and billing types.


1. Relevance to volume-based rebate for each sales organization
For each sales organization, you have to specify whether rebate processing can be carried out or not. Deactivate rebate processing for a certain sales organization if you do not want to carry it out.
2. Relevance to volume-based rebate for each billing type
The qualification for rebate must be defined for every billing type.


The 'relevant for rebate' field must be marked for every billing type you want to update the business volume valid for rebate. That also applies to the billing types with which you create the rebate credit memos (e.g. billing type B1 - rebate credit memo).


The customers for whom rebate processing is to be carried out must be selected in field 'rebate' in the master record for sales data in billing.