Account determination for rebates

Rebate processing requires special settings in account determination.

There are, for example, user-defined account keys for sales deductions and accruals, user-defined access sequences and condition types.


Check first whether you can copy the elements contained in the standard system for rebate processing and for account determination. If you want to extend or modify the settings, you must carry out the following steps:

For rebate processing, you must edit the following elements:

1. Create an access sequence.
2. Include a condition table.
3. Define corresponding condition types.
4. Pricing procedure
Rebate types which should be taken into account during pricing must be included in the corresponding pricing procedures in Pricing.
During order entry and billing, accruals are set up and updated as cumulative sales. Depending on the configuration, the accruals set up may or may not be displayed in the sales order. In the standard system, the pricing procedure can be set such that the rebate condition type in the sales order appears as a statistical condition type at the end of the price screen. If the volume rebate condition type should not be displayed( e.g. for reasons of performance), this can be controlled using requirements in the pricing procedure.

For account determination, you must edit the elements of condition technique and create accounts for the accrual if required.

To edit the condition technique for account determination, you must consider the following points:

1. Create an access sequence.
2. Define corresponding condition types.
3. Define the pricing procedure.

Maintain the account key and assign the condition types.

Maintain the G/L account assignment.