Assign organizational units by plant

In this menu option, you allocate a organization, distribution channel and division to the plants for which intercompany sales processing is possible. The delivering plant uses these specifications to process intercompany billing.

Using the specifications which you make here, the delivering plant creates the intercompany invoice together with the internal customer number of the sales organization which placed the order.

The internal customer number is specified in the Customizing configuration menu for sales and distribution in the menu option Sales organization.


For internal processing of the transactions, the same organizational units are maintained for the plants concerned in stock transport order and intercompany sale of stock. In this case, the data is maintained for intercompany sale of stock in SD, the data for the stock transport order in purchasing. For more information on the stock transport order, see the Implementation Guide for Purchasing in the chapter on the stock transport order (see section "Configure Stock Transport Orders").


Allocate appropriate organizational data for inter-company billing to the plants, with which intercompany sales and distribution processing should be carried out in the fields "Sales organisation IV", "Distribution channel IV" and "Division IV".