Automatic posting to vendor account (SAP-EDI)

In this IMG activity, you set up automatic posting to vendor account for intercompany billing with SAP-EDI direct to financial accounting.

EDI outbound processing for intercompany billing links to EDI inbound processing for invoice receipt in FI and posting to vendor account is carried out in the selling company code.


Before making the settings in Customizing you must create a vendor master record that represents the delivering company code. This vendor master record must be created in "Selling company code".

You also need an output condition record (transaction VV31) for output type "RD04" and the customers for intercompany billing.

Customizing settings:

1. Output type:

Output type RD04 is set for posting to vendor account in intercompany billing. (TA:V/040)

1. Message determination procedure:

Message determination procedure V40000 is valid for billing type IV.

1. Message control:

In the administration of EDI processing, a partner agreement must be defined for message control of inbound and outbound processing, since sender and receiver data are needed. The outbound process code is used to initiate a function module version 5 (function module version 3.0 for initiating inbound processing).

Process code outbound: SD08.

For further information on settings for messages, see the IMG section "messages".

1. Outbound processing:
a) Partner agreement (transaction WE20)
Partner number : Specify customer number IV
Partner type : KU
a) Message controlling:
Partner number : Customer number IV
Partner type : KU
Partner role : RE
Application : V3
Message type :RD04
Message category:INVOIC
Message variant: FI
Outbound options:
Outbound code : SD08 INVOIC Intercompany billing,
a) Outbound parameters:
Outbound options:
Receiver port : e.g. SAPP30 EDI MM development
IDoc cat. : INVOIC01
Basis IDoc cat. : INVOIC01
1. Inbound processing (transaction SBPT) for customer
a) Inbound parameters:
Partner number : Specify vendor number
Partner type : LI
Partner functions:
Message category : INVOIC invoice / billing document
Output variant : FI
Process code :INVF
1. Check assignment of process code and processing function modules.
Transaction: WE42 >>Basis >> Control>> Process code inbound >> Processing with funct. modules>>With or w/o ALE
Code :INVF
Identification:idoc_input_invoice_fi (INVOIC FI invoice receipt)
code FI03 up to 3.0E
1. Vendor:
A vendor must be assigned per company code and customer for intercompany billing (transaction WEL1)

Delivering company code: 0001
Customer: 0000000001, created in delivering company code
Selling company codekreis: 0099
Vendor: ALECRED01, created om selling company code

Application: V3
Logical address 00010000000001
is made up of:
a) 4 place delivering company code : 0001
b) 10 place customer number : 0000000001

Company code: 0099
Vendor : ALECRED01


The logical address must contain 14 digits. If the customer number does not contain 10 digits, zeros must be put before it.

If the logical address is not correctly maintained in table EDILOGADR, error message: " Company code could not be determined for intermediate document XXXXX" appears.

1. Account assignment:

You can set an indicator that determines whether account assignments are to be copied from the customer billing document during creation of posting to vendor account in the selling company code

This affects the following account assignments:

1. Projects
2. Profit center
3. Cost center
4. Profitability segment
5. Business area

The same settings must be made for the internal credit memo.