Define list layout for billing documents


You only carry out these activities if you are using the old list functionality. If you are working with the ABAP list viewer, you only need to carry out the activities described in the IMG under Lists.


For more general information on controlling list displays, see the section "List layout".

This section only describes the aspects of list display relevant to billing documents.


1. Check the extent to which you can adopt the configurations set in the standard R/3 System.
2. Define the display variants.
For billing documents, the following display groups are predefined:
3. Define the totals variants.
In a list of billing documents, you can sum up the net value, the quantity to be invoiced, and the quantity already invoiced according to various criteria (for example, by payer and sales organisation ). You define the selection of these criteria in the totals variant.
4. To list billing documents you must define the type of index update:
Define whether the indices should be entered in the transfer order or be deleted.
5. Check the default values. To change default values, you must select menu option "Master mode on" and then call up menu option "Default values".
6. Define the fields for the additional display and for searching, sorting and summing up in a list. This is only possible after you have selected the menu option "Master mode on".