Define layout of billing due list

In this menu option, you define the layout of the work list for billing documents.


This section only describes aspects relevant to the display of work lists for billing documents.

The work list is automatically created for all items relevant for billing:


1. Check to what extent you can adopt the configurations which are defined in the standard SAP R/3 System.
2. Define the display variants. The key for the display variant must begin with the letter "Z".
3. Define the totals variants. The key for the totals variant must begin with the letter "Z".
In the work list for billing documents, you can sum up according to billing document type, sold-to party or country of destination. You can select up to three summation fields.
4. Check the default values.
5. Define fields for supplementary functions.


When transporting a display variant, all information necessary for that display variant is automatically transported as well, such as line layout, headings, titles, the access type of the display variant, and related totals variants and indexes. Totals variants and indexes can be transported separately if required. Fields for searching, sorting, summing up and additional fields, however, must be transported manually.

To transport display variants, proceed as follows:


1. Branch to the overview screen for display variants where the various line layouts are listed.
2. Select 'Line layout - Transport'.
3. An entry window appears where you enter the correction number.
4. You reach the transport selection list where you mark the line layout to be transported. What you do not mark will not be transported.
5. Save your selection list.
6. Release the correction number as well as the corresponding transport request.

Keep the following in mind when transporting list layouts: