You can create evaluations in the form of lists for all SD documents. You can edit these lists further (for example, using various search and sorting functions).

As of Release 4.0, list functions such as sorting, searching, summation, and definition of display variants will be carried out using the Basis ABAP List Viewer tool. You only need to carry out the following activities in Customizing:

Select List representation for the relevant list.
Select Goto -> Indices -> Partner index.
Enter the partner functions for which the partner index is to be updated.

To update the partner index for existing documents, run Report RVV05IVB.

Select List representation for the relevant list.
Select Goto -> Field selection -> Additional fields.
Select the fields that you want to use as additional fields.
User exits are available if you require more additional fields.

Please note that the system only considers the list settings described above. All other settings for lists are ignored.

If you want to use existing display variants in the new environment, run Report SD_UMSL_T180S_LISTVIEWER.

For further information on the list viewer, see Help -> R/3 library -> FI -> CO-Controlling -> Overhead cost controlling -> CO-Overhead cost controlling -> Info system cost center accounting -> ABAP list viewer.

If you want to reactivate the old functionality, choose User profile -> Own data. Choose the Parameter folder and enter the GET parameter SD_OLD_LIST_LAYOUT. Please note, as of Release 4.0c the old functionality will no longer be available.