Define search helps for sales activity types

As of Release 4.0, matchcodes will be replaced by search helps. Use search helps when you assign input help to fields. Existing matchcodes will automatically be converted to search helps. A matchcode object will be converted to a collective search help with the same name. Each matchcode ID of the matchcode object will be converted to an elementary search help and assigned to the collective search help that has been created from the matchcode object.

In this activity, you can edit existing search helps for sales activities, or define new ones.

Before editing search helps, read the search help section in the R/3 Library, "Basis -> ABAP Development Workbench -> ABAP Dictionary".

This section describes how search helps are set up in the SAP system and how you create search helps in the ABAP Dictionary.


Search help maintenance requires technical knowledge of the ABAP Dictionary. Leave search help maintenance to your system administrator.

Note that a large number of search helps can negatively affect system performance. Check what search helps you want to use for your work area. You can deactivate search helps that you do not want to use.

Matchcodes are not client-specific.

Default settings

Search helps have been predefined in the standard system. You can, for example, find sales activities according to their description (search help A).


1. Check whether the search helps in the standard system meet your requirements.
2. Add to existing collective search helps or create new ones, if necessary.