Define and assign activity status and status groups

In this menu option you define the possible sales activity statuses and status groups:

The sales activity status indicates the current stage of processing of the sales activity.
Using the status group, you define the statuses a sales activity can have and the sequence in which these sales activity statuses can occur. The SAP System recognizes the permitted sales activity statuses by the status group allocated to a sales activity type.
With the status group you also determine the default values for the sales activity reason, the sales activity outcome and the outcome analysis that should be made by the SAP System when you process a sales activity.


Sales activity reasons, sales activity outcome and the outcome analyses must already be defined.


1. Check, depending on sales activity type, which statuses for the sales activities are relevant for sales and distribution in your company.
Determine the possible sequence of the statuses and the default values for a sales activity status (such as the first sales activity status).
2. Define the possible sales activity statuses.
Specify a single-digit, alphanumeric key and a description for each sales activity status.
3. Define the status groups.
Specify an alphanumeric key with up to 3 characters and a description for each status group.
In addition, specify a sales activity reason and the corresponding default values for the sales activity reason, the sales activity outcome and the outcome analysis.
4. Specify the sales activity statuses allowed for the status groups in the sequence you require. In addition, define the overall status of the each sales activity. The overall status shows, for example, whether a sales activity has been edited partially or fully.
5. Finally, allocate the appropriate status group to each sales activity type.