Define function-related authorization for sales activities

In this menu option, you define user authorizations for editing sales activities.

For example, an authorization object check stipulates that an employee does not have a display authorization for a sales activity. If this employee should, however, be allowed to display this sales activity, you must define a user authorization.

Standard settings

The authorization check for sales activities can also be carried out using the authorization object V_VBKA_VKO. Activities 01 (create), 02 (change) and 03 (display) are defined in the standard version.

Standard settings

In the standard version, authorizations are checked for the following special cases:

1. When copying, both the authorization for creating sales activities and the authorization for displaying the document to be copied are checked.
2. The display authorization is checked for the list display.


1. Specify the activities which should be carried out by each of the partner functions in the sales activities.
2. Include the employee to be granted authorization as a partner in the sales activity with the function from the above action. The employee now has the authorizations intended for this function in this sales activity.