Assign information blocks of a view

The report RVKUSTA1 (sales summary) accesses data of the customer master record and statistical data. The following tables are accessed in this case:

In the standard system this data is grouped together thematically into info blocks and allocated to info views in a certain sequence.

In this step it is possible to create new info views and to choose existing info blocks for them. With F4, you can call up the list of the existing info blocks.

The sequence of the info blocks you specify determines at the same time the sequence of the info blocks for your info view in the sales summary.

If you want to carry out message printing, you must allocate the form elements to the info blocks in the detail screen. Two specifications are necessary:

For more information on these specifications, please refer to the data element documentation via the F1 help.


1. Define the layout of a view by allocating the info blocks (see detail screen) and determining the required sequence.
2. Determine a form window and an element for editing data for the SAPscript layout set you defined per info view in the previous step.