Define sales activity types

In this menu option you define the sales activity types representing different business transactions in sales support in your company.

The following possibilities are open to you:

In this menu option you do not make specifications for the following functions:

These functions can be processed later in the appropriate menu options.

The definition of a sales activity type is complete once you have processed all these menu options.

In this menu option you have to make or check the following specifications:

Using the document category you allocate a document type to a particular business transaction. This category identifies the SD document as a sales activity or an order, for example.
The document category must correspond logically to the specification for the transaction group.
Specify an alphanumeric key with one character.
The selection of keys you may use is listed under "Possible entries".
You can define the transaction procedure for each sales activity type individually:
Here you specify the screens which are displayed by the SAP System for a certain transaction (for example, creating a sales activity) and its sequence.
Here you specify the transactions with which you can edit a sales activity type during sales processing.
The transaction group allocated to a transaction must correspond to the document category which you have allocated to the respective sales document type.
Here you specify which overview screen is displayed during sales activity processing after you have entered data on the initial screen.
The selection of keys you may use is listed under "Possible entries". Currently, you cannot change the keys in Customizing.
Specify a number range for internal number assignment. To define a common number assignment for different sales activity types you have to specify the same number range in each case.
The number ranges must already have been defined. For more information on this subject, see the section "Define and assign number ranges for sales activities".
Here you specify whether a reference document is mandatory for creating a sales activity. If so, you also have to specify to which document type the reference document must belong.
Assign the appropriate document object indicator to the sales activity type.
Specify the level up to which organizational data must be entered when a sales activity is entered. For example, you can define that only a sales organization needs to be entered for a particular sales activity type.
If you want the system to propose a sales activity type for the follow-up activity, enter the default value here. If the follow-up sales activity should be mandatory, enter the appropriate sales activity type for the follow-up activity.
Outputs MAK1 (Print letter), MAK2 (Print sales activity) or MAK3 (Print sales activity/customer master) can be entered with which the output can be displayed on the screen before being printed (preview facility). It is important to remember that the preview output entered must also have been entered in the output procedure attached to the sales activity type.
Define which subsequent processing is allowed for a sales activity type. For example, enter the allowed order or credit memo request type.
If you do not enter a specification, such as an order type, the entry "Order" remains inactive for subsequent processing in the pull-down menu for the sales activity.

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Insignificant changes include a changed name or another number range.