"Consolidation" describes the process of merging group data in consolidated financial statements. The R/3 Consolidation system EC-CS supports various types of consolidated financial statements which fulfill both legal requirements for external reporting and internal information requirements.

The following types of consolidation are supported:

Consolidation tasks are part of the preparation of consolidated financial statements. The essential tasks include currency translation, consolidation of investments, interunit eliminations, and elimination of interunit profit and loss, and these are supported by automatic posting in the Consolidation system.

You can transfer data for consolidation from within the integrated SAP environment and from non-SAP systems via interfaces, or you can enter it directly in the Consolidation system.

Consolidated data can be evaluated using various tools in the SAP Information System, and made available to management in the SAP-EIS Executive Information System.

You can perform consolidation in parallel versions in order to simulate the effects of different valuation options and to compare different categories of data (for example plan data and actual data).

Selection criteria

The R/3 Consolidation system EC-CS is available as of Release 3.0 on a project basis only. A standard delivery of the application will be possible with a later release.