Data Transfer and Interfaces


Data for inclusion in Consolidation can be transferred to the Consolidation system from within the integrated SAP environment, or from non-SAP systems via interfaces. After the data is consolidated it can be forwarded to the SAP-EIS Executive Information System or to other systems.

Various methods are available for integrated data transfer. Depending on the scenario, you can transfer data by means of realtime update, a periodic extract, a rollup or an upload to the Consolidation system.

A PC data entry program based on MS Access is available for decentralized data entry.

A flexible interface is available for transferring data from non-SAP systems. You can customize this interface to match the structure of your data.

Selection criteria

As part of Consolidation (EC-CS), these functions are available as of Release 3.0 on a project basis only. A standard delivery of the application will be possible with a later release.