Interactive Drill-Down Reporting


"Interactive drill down reporting" helps the user to quickly find certain combinations of business characteristics which stand out in some way (because, for example, they contain unusually high or low values for a particular a key figure).

SAP-EIS data can be evaluated interactively with the help of drill down reporting. A host of variance analyses (such as plan/actual comparison, time comparisons, object comparisons) are possible. Drill down reporting contains user-friendly functions for navigating within the dataset (drill down) and for processing a list interactively. In addition, SAP-Graphics, SAPmail and various print functions using Microsoft Word for Windows and Microsoft Excel are available.

An individually configurable graphical user interface is available for interactive drill down with the connection to the product "inSight" from arcplan Information Services.

Selection criteria

In the first instance, interactive drill down reporting is used by controllers and managers. The reports created can be targeted to certain user groups and arranged in a graphical report portfolio.