Specifying the Program to Run


On the "job step" screen, tell the background processing system which ABAP program or external program to run.

For ABAP programs, you can also specify how any print output should be treated.

In each job step, you can name one program that is to run. If you wish to, however, you can run more than one program with a single background job. Simply add a job step for each program that you wish to run.


  1. In the User field, you’ll see your name. This means that the program in this job step will run under your R/3 System authorizations.
  2. Enter another user name if the program should run under the authorizations of another user.

  3. Click on ABAP or on External command to enter the name of the program to run.
  4. ABAP report

  5. Enter the name of the report.
  6. You can pick out a variant for the report with Variant list. If you need to maintain a variant, then you’ll need to do this in the ABAP editor.

  7. In the Language field, you specify the language to use for the output of the report.
  8. With Print specifications, you can tell the system how to handle the print output of the ABAP report. You can have the output held in the SAP spool system or have it printed out as soon as the job has run.
  9. External Command

  10. Enter the pre-defined R/3 name for the command.
  11. If required, enter any additional arguments that the command needs.
  12. Specify the name of the host system on which the command should run and the type of operating system at the host.
  13. You can find out the host name with the hostname command on the target host system.

    With Control flags, you can specify how output from the external program should be treated, as well as other runtime options. Usually, you should leave these options at their default settings.

    See the F1 field help if you need more information on external commands.

    If you have administrator authorization for background processing, then you can also choose External programs as a job step option. To run an external program, enter the exact pathname and program or script name. Also enter any arguments required by the program. Finally, enter the name of the host system on which the program is to run.

    External programs are not pre-defined in the R/3 System, and no authorization check is carried out on whether you are permitted to use the command.

  14. Save the job step and return to the job identification screen.