Define authorizations

This section explains which authorization object is defined for the individual functions of the application in the standard system. In the SAP System, you can maintain authorizations for this object.

Authorization object

The following authorization object is checked for the individual functions of the application.

Function for... authorization object
PDC interface
communication with external applications
C_PDC PDC upload and download

Default Settings

In the standard SAP R/3 System, authorizations are provided for all authorization objects in the application.

You will find maintenance authorizations for authorization objects.

The standard authorizations apply to all organizational units.


1. Proceed as follows to check the standard authorizations:
a) Select the object class for an application.
A list of the authorization objects in this class is now displayed.
b) Select an object.
A list of authorizations for this object is now displayed.
2. If necessary, create new authorizations as described below:
a) Select Authorization -> Create.
b) Enter the authorization and a short text.
c) Select a field to maintain the individual field values.
d) Save your entries.
e) Activate the new authorization.

Notes on transport

You transport authorizations as follows:

1. Display the list of authorizations.
2. Select the object class.
3. Choose "Authorization - Transport".
4. Select the authorizations you wish to transport.
5. Confirm your selections and enter the correction number.