You can maintain MRP parameters and forecast parameters using profiles. A profile is a collection of information used to configure certain objects. It stores standard information that you need repeatedly in almost identical combinations when maintaining different objects. Thus, a profile simplifies data entry and data management.

In a profile you specify;

In the material master, the objects are the material master records and the object data is the MRP or forecast data. There are two kinds of profile:

You can assign a profile to a material master record when you create it. This has the effect that fixed values that are copied from the profile into a data screen cannot be changed in the material master record. By contrast, you may overwrite default values. The values are written in the material master record when you save it.

In the following section, you will learn how to create, display, change, and delete profiles in the material master. MRP and forecast profiles are processed according to identical principles. Therefore the description given in this section applies to both profiles.

The following functions are available for profiles: