Creating a Profile

This is how you create a profile in the material master:

  1. From the menu screen of the material master record, select Profile ® MRP profile or Forecast profile ® Create.
  2. The initial Create Profile screen appears.

  3. Enter the key you want to assign to the profile.
  4. If you want to use an existing profile as a reference, enter the name of this profile in the Reference field so that the system can copy its values to the new profile.

  5. Select Goto ® Selection screen.
  6. The selection screen appears. It shows all the fields that can be copied to the MRP or forecasting screen of the material master record.

  7. Enter a profile description and select the fields you want the profile to contain.
  8. You must also decide whether each field will be copied to the material master record as a fixed value or a default value.

  9. Select Goto ® Data screen.
  10. The data screen appears. Only the fields you marked on the selection screen are presented for you to fill in. The fixed and default values are displayed in different colors.

    All fixed values are required fields except where the field can also accept the value BLANK .

  11. Enter your data and save the profile with Profile ® Save.

You now return to the initial screen where you can create another profile.

The data for the MRP profiles are split over two data screens. With Goto ® Data screen 1 or Data screen 2, you can spring from one data screen to another.

The system runs a number of checks when you create a new profile:

The Fixed lot size and Maximum stock level fields may not be combined in one MRP profile.

If the Maximum stock level field appears in the profile, you must also specify a Lot size that can give the highest stock level.

If the system detects inconsistencies or errors, it asks you to change the fields selected on the selection screen and/or correct the values.