Carrying Out the Individual Forecast

Carrying out the forecast for a particular article in a particular site is known as the individual forecast. You carry out an individual forecast as is described below:

  1. From the menu screen of the forecast, select Forecast ® Individual forecast ® Execute.
  2. The initial Forecast screen appears.

  3. Enter the article number and the site for which you want to carry out the forecast and press ENTER .
  4. The Parameter Overview screen now appears. This screen displays the following information:

    – the last forecast date

    – data, copied from the article master record

    – parameter values, which were calculated as a result of the previous forecast

    If no forecast has yet been carried out for this article, the Last forecast field is empty and the message Until now no forecast values were saved appears.

    From this screen you can display the historical values by selecting Goto ® Historical values and if a forecast has already been carried out, you can display the forecast values by selecting Goto ® Forecast values.

  5. To carry out the forecast for the article, select Proceed .
  6. A pop-up window now appears where the date of the first day of the period is suggested.

    If you choose to overwrite the forecast date, please note that the date you enter must lie within the current or the following period.

  7. Select ENTER .
  8. The forecast is carried out. The Forecast Values screen then appears and the following message appears:

    Forecast calculation was carried out.

  9. Check the individual values.
  10. You now have the option of manually changing the forecast values calculated by the system by entering new values in the Corrected value column.

    The system then uses these new values as a basis for the future planning run.

  11. Return to the Parameter Overview screen, and select, Details ® Addtl parameter.
  12. A pop-up window appears with the additional parameters.

  13. Select Cancel to return to the Parameter Overview screen. Here you can check the exception messages which were created during the forecast with Details ® Messages
  14. Return to the Parameter Overview screen and save the forecast values by selecting Forecast ® Save.

If you manually change a forecast value, then you should check the actual consumption value that results for this period later and correct it, if necessary.