Carrying Out the Total Forecast

If you want to carry out the forecast for all the articles in one certain site or in all sites, then you must carry out a total forecast. A description of how to do this is given in the following paragraphs:

  1. From the menu screen of the forecast, select Forecast ® Total forecast ® Execute.
  2. The initial Forecast screen appears for carrying out the total forecast.

  3. Enter the required data:
  4. Site

    Enter the site for which the total forecast is to be started. If you do not enter a site here, the forecast is carried out for all sites.

    Period indicator

    This indicator specifies the time period for which the forecast values are managed in the system. The options given mean the following:

    M - Monthly

    W - Weekly

    T - Daily

    P - Period according to fiscal year variant

    All those articles which have the same period indicator in the article master record as the indicator you enter here are included in the forecast.

    Forecast execution

    Indicator A means that the forecast will be carried out for the current period and indicator F means that the forecast will be carried out for the following period.


    Select this field if you want the forecast result to be stored in the system.

    Log record

    If you select this field, a list is displayed after the forecast run of all the articles for which forecast values were created. The list also contains the process and exception messages.

  5. To start the forecast run, press ENTER .
  6. The corresponding texts for the entries now appear and you are requested to check your entries.

  7. Press ENTER .
  8. The following message will appear:

    Total forecast to be started. Please press ENTER .

  9. Press ENTER again.

When the forecast run is complete, you receive a list of all the articles which were included in the forecast if you filled in the Log record field. If not, then no list will appear.

The total forecast must be carried out periodically. The time intervals available are; monthly, weekly, daily, or per accounting period. If you carry out the forecast on a daily basis, then, for articles that are planned using time-phased planning, the system only includes the articles whose turn it is according to the RP date.

If past consumption values are known at the end of a period, the system will use them as a basis for carrying out the forecast for the next period.

Subsequently, the forecast results can be printed out. The print program prints the forecast results which have automatically been sorted according to company code, site, RP controller and highest error number. For more information on this subject, see Overview.