Checking the Forecast Result Using a List

In order to print out a list of materials from a certain plant which were included in a forecast run and which you want to use for checking the forecast results, follow the procedures described below:

  1. Starting from the menu screen of the forecast, select Forecast ® Total forecast ® Print.
  2. The initial screen for Material Forecast Printing appears.

  3. Enter the plant, for which you want to print out the forecast result, as well as a period indicator if you want to limit the selection to a certain time interval.
  4. If you also want a printout of the process and exception messages which were created during the forecast, select the Log field.

  5. Press ENTER .
  6. The Print Parameters screen now appears.

  7. Specify the print parameters, for example, the printer on which the list is to be printed, and then select the Print button.

For more detailed information on printing procedures, see Getting Started With the R/3 System.

After the system has created the list of all the material forecasts, the screen with the list of results appears and you can see exactly how many material forecasts the printed list contains.

Printing the list in background mode

If the forecast was carried out in background mode, it is also possible to print out the list in background mode. You do this as is described below:

  1. Starting from the menu screen of the forecast select Forecast ® Total forecast ® Print (background).
  2. The Background Request screen appears.

  3. Using a background request means that you can plan the print for a later date and you can start it for a certain variant.

You can read more about background request procedures in ABAP/4: Generating and Printing Reports.