Checking the Forecast Result in Online Mode

Errors or exceptional situations which appear during the total forecast are recorded in the exception messages and are allocated to a certain error class. If an error occurs in a material forecast, then the system marks the material for which the error occurs for reprocessing.

If you want to check the forecast result in online mode and reprocess the marked materials, proceed as follows:

  1. Starting from the menu screen of the forecast, select Forecast ® Total forecast ® Reprocess.
  2. The initial screen for Forecast Reprocessing appears.

  3. Enter the plant and the MRP controller number.
  4. If you want to limit the selection to a certain interval, you must enter the appropriate period indicator.

    Furthermore, you can limit the selection of exception messages to one particular error class by selecting various error classes. The following Table shows which types of exception messages exist and to which error class they are allocated.

    Description of error classes

    Exception message

    Error class

    Reorder level and safety stock


    Model selection and test




    Parameter optimization


    Difficulties during the forecast


    Forecast not calculated


    Missing table entries





  5. Press ENTER .
  6. A list of materials now appears displaying those materials for which one or more forecast errors occurred and which correspond to your selection.

  7. Position the cursor on one of the materials and select, Choose .
  8. The Parameter Overview for the selected material now appears.

  9. To display the exception message, select Details ® Messages.

A screen with the corresponding exception message appears. You can now see what caused the error during the forecast.


The MRP controller did not enter any historical values when creating the material master record. You must now respond to this situation with manual initialization.

  1. Change the material master record by setting the initialization indicator to m .
  2. Then, select the material to be reprocessed from the reprocessing list and branch into the Forecast Parameter screen.
  3. Carry out an individual forecast for the material. A pop-up window appears, in which you can maintain the parameters corresponding to the forecast model.
  4. Press ENTER .
  5. The system carries out the forecast and displays the forecast value with the message:

    Forecast calculation was carried out.

  6. Check the forecast values and then save the result via Forecast ® Save. The system returns to the overview screen and displays the message:

The forecast values were saved.

By saving the new forecast result, the system then records that the material in question has been reprocessed and this material will automatically be deleted from the list of materials to be reprocessed.